More Bionic Horses

Malcolm Reynolds from FireflyAt times like these civilized society needs more celebrities and swindlers like it needs a pudding can without a pull tab. They promise you sweet chocolaty goodness, but then stiff you when the cows come home.

In past posts I’ve written about the sustainable ethics of such outlaw heros as Bo and Luke Duke and Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. And it still stands true, what we need today are outlaws with a heart of gold — bad guys who make us want to be good. But where have they gone? (click here to jump ahead to the punchline.)

In a day and age too glib for good guys to survive and too corrupt for the general populous to continue its complacency, we need these law-flauting, damsel-rescuing, firebrands more than ever, and yet… where can we turn?

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Gorram and Other Redneck Chinese

Map of the 'verse
Map of the 'verse

I know some of you (certainly not me. I have better things to do, like macaroni art) have spent time trying to interpret the slang expletives of the one-season sensation, Firefly. Browncoats, frothing fans of the show who refuse to accept that it was canceled, or even fiction (because it’s not), know that the phrases are Chinese. But the common expletive “gorram” remains mysterious to most.

[dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]’m here to set the record straight. As a reputable provocateur and man of high journalistic integrity I use only the most trusted sources in the fabricating gathering of my knowledge before disseminating it to you. But first, a reality check.

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The Browncoats are Coming! Firefly Returns?

The call for Browncoats from Firefly to unite

When it comes to fan fervor for favorite television show, no one beats the Browncoats (sorry all you Klingons. Qapla!) And recent news indicates that victory for the rebels may be within reach for the first time in almost ten years of struggle. For those of you who have spent too much time on Alliance planets or are just returning from deep space, Browncoats are the independent survivors of the one-season television show, Firefly.

Within the show Browncoats are essentially confederates that lost a cosmic civil war to the Alliance. In first life (or what some people refer to as “reality”) Browncoats are viewers and fans who have remained faithful to the cause of reviving Firefly from its “canned” grave at 20th Century Fox.

Hold on to your laser pistols, but one of the most controversial cancelations in T.V. history could be returning from the grave.

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