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De Novo Syndrome

DMB Files #1

About This Book

He’ll do anything to get her back, including evolve.

“The rabid, frothy pacing gripped my like the iron jaws of a junkyard dog and left me crying out for a literary tetanus shot! More please.”

When Jim Buckner’s daughter is kidnapped, his obsession shifts from discovering the lost genetic sequence for awakening human immortality to discovering who took her and how to get her back.

The journey reveals a hibernating side-effect of his research, telekinesis. At the heart of a secret war raging for over a century, Buckner discovers how far he’ll go to get his daughter back–as far as it takes.

A father-daughter story written as paranoid thriller, De Novo Syndrome centers on a father learning to dedicate his heart, rather than his work, to his daughter. The fact his life’s work has been to save his daughter’s life, complicates the matter.

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