As a novelist, whether I am writing about disintegrating Southern culture or dystopian alternate history, I endeavor to dig below the surface of human relationship and felt need. I am fascinated with the pressures that shape and mold us as we struggle to find significance, purpose and joy. When it’s all said and done, I hope to enlighten, provoke and entertain with every story. Thanks for reading, and above all enjoy the show!

The Texicas Alternate History Universe

Okay. This page is the only place on the Green Porch where you get the skinny from the real me (as apposed to the fictional version of me as fourth generation descendant from the original me), so take notes if you wish.

Most of my writing over the last few years has been absorbed with an alternate history in which Texas, Mexico and bits of neighboring areas combine in the early 1920’s to create a petrostate guided by a secret society known as “the benefactors.” Very little is know (ie. I ain’t talkin’) about the benefactors other than the fact that their influence spreads into every aspect of Texicas (as well as Texas and Mexico before the revolution).

Texicas becomes essentially an OPEC of the Gulf of Mexico before oil is even discovered in the Middle East and just as desire for it is coming on-line. Texicas drives the price up ten fold for most consumers beyond it’s borders while creating a thriving petro-economy for itself. Soon after the formation of Texicas other areas of oil exploration are investigated, but a mysterious plague breaks out every time. By the fifties the Arabian Oil Zone (along with a few other smaller plague zones) are abandoned to the infected hordes and petroleum is abandoned by most of the world as too costly.

Back on Texicas Soil a dime novelist by the name of David Mark Brown (funny coincidence) begins documenting the clandestine movements of the benefactors even before Texicas forms. He knows he’s out gunned, so he presumes to veil the otherwise secret history within the pages of his pulp fiction.

The Lost DMB Files

Those pulp fiction stories are the Lost DMB Files. After languishing for 100 years the stories are brought back to (marginal, conspiracy theory) prominence by David Mark Brown IV (the fourth generation me of the original me). He publishes them under the name David Mark Brown and mobilizes the faithful as the Truth in History Society.

David Mark Brown IV teams up eventually with a leading exploratory geologist, Professor Jim “Buck” Buckner. As you could imagine, there aren’t many oil guys around in a near future world afraid of drilling for or refining oil. Every time they have tried everyone involved gets the “Twitch” and turns into a raving zombie-like animal.

After being the only survivor of a Twitch ravaged oil expedition at the age of 12, Buckner follows in his father’s footsteps. After being convinced of the historicity of the Lost DMB Files he agrees to shift his focus to finding and editing all of Brown Sr.’s writings.

The DMB Files

In the 2020’s Buckner and Brown IV discover that the Benefactors are still alive and well, and still hiding a game-changing secret.

Known simply as The DMB Files, these paranoid/conspiracy thrillers will be first person stories published under Jim Buckner’s name. The first one should be out before the end of 2012. Within The DMB Files the Lost DMB Files will play a significant roll as artifacts. They represent clues as to what the Benefactors have been and continue to hide. Thus the reader can try to beat Buckner to the punch by putting the pieces together first.

So whether you are into pulp-alternate histories or conspiracy thrillers, I’m hoping you will enjoy hanging out in the Texicas universe. As for me, it’s back to playing one of my many personas! Real DMB out.

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