DMB Primer Library

Warning: may contain horse meat as well as the following: De Novo Syndrome: (Biothriller) When Jim Buckner’s research to unlock human immortality thrusts his daughter into the cross-hairs of a secret war, he’ll do anything to get her back–including evolve. The Green Ones, Episode One: (Dystopian) For the telekinetic youth of New Teotihuacan’s Worker City there are two … Read more DMB Primer Library

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Master Box Set

(Coming soon…) You’ve read enough to know you want it all! While this box set doesn’t include everything I’ve written, it will get you well on your way with 20 stories (including an exclusive bonus episode of The Green Ones). Retail value of this baby should be over $40! But for you, $20. You’re officially … Read more Master Box Set

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Reefer Ranger

Lost DMB Files #9

He’ll smoke you twice before you hit the ground. Ranger J.T. McCutchen is as black and white as they come. He likes his law with a long arm and short trial. And he delivers the verdict via Colt .45, up close and personal. But protecting his Texas borderlands against the increasing turbulence of the Mexican … Read more Reefer Ranger

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