Merry Krampus! Let the Carnival Begin!

Merry Krampus! Let the Carnival Begin!

Artwork by Steven Austin to celebrate the Kampus Festival centering around

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Writer. Novelist. Redneck. Granola. Raised on a Texas cattle ranch and schooled at the U of Montana (Berkeley of the Rockies), I am the world’s most self-proclaimed redneck granola and author of optimistic-dystopian dieselpunk, sci-fi thrillers and young adult literature.


  1. I discovered Krampus this year and I LOVE the idea–gives an outlet for those of us for whom other people’s “vacations” mean we’re on double-duty. Also, I’ve gotten very in touch with the deeper significance of seasons lately, so it’s nice to see some of the darker side of Winter being acknowledged, rather than glossed over with a suspiciously jolly housebreaker…

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