Roaming the Rocky Mountains with a Loincloth and iPod


Well… not exactly, but I will be quite a ways from any sort of civilized mode of communication beyond smoke signals and a sharp poke in the eye.  Not to fear, I feel it time to finally bring up the little matter of the wonder plant, hemp, when I return.

For now I leave you to ponder the ultimate sustainability in clothing… the loincloth.  But wait.  It gets even better.  A loincloth made from hemp.  You heard it here first.

If you ain’t gonna’ go naked, hemp’s the next best thing!

About David Mark Brown

Writer. Novelist. Redneck. Granola. Raised on a Texas cattle ranch and schooled at the U of Montana (Berkeley of the Rockies), I am the world’s most self-proclaimed redneck granola and author of optimistic-dystopian dieselpunk, sci-fi thrillers and young adult literature.


  1. karen e brown says:

    Is that I-Pod or I-Pad?

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