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Reeferpunk is a dieselpunk, spaghetti-Western, refried alternate-history of what could have become of the southern half of North America if cheap oil never got cheap, and instead brilliant minds devised an early cellulosic ethanol from the wondrous cannabis plant. Mein Hanf!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat if during the turbulent years of the Mexican Revolution and the grisly war to end all war a sinister and wealthy oligarchy set their minds to control 30% of the world’s known petroleum resources in order to bring a global economy to its knees just as it was learning to walk? What if the success of their evil plot relied, in part, on the gumption of a disillusioned Mexican revolutionary turned goat herder and hemp farmer, along with his two native American friends?

Welcome to the pulp world of reeferpunk.

Reeferpunk (always interject a “Viva this!” after “Reeferpunk”) delivers a surge equivalent to a cocktail of 1 part serotonin, 2 parts adrenaline, with a dash of grenadine served over ice. It scratches the urge primeval. Combining the readability and smooth consumption of a beach house page-turner with the kick to the face of a summer blockbuster movie, Reeferpunk entertains without dumbing down. Whether you have the attention span of a college student the day before spring break or of a moss-covered rock, Reeferpunk is your punk.


Fistful of Reefer (the first in the series)

A double-fisted, dieselpunk, weird Western pulp featuring goats, guns and the camaraderie of outcasts, Fistful of Reefer lives somewhere between No country for Old Men and The Three Amigos.


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen a campfire story about the demon El Chupacabra generates panic among local goat herders, Chancho Villarreal, a despondent Mexican revolutionary, and his friends, Muddy and Nena, outcasts due to their intertribal marriage, inadvertently draw unwanted attention to their secluded goat ranch and marijuana farm in the hills north of Del Rio, Texas.


The year is 1918 and Texas Ranger J.T. McCutchen has made it his personal crusade to prevent the little known intoxicant, marijuana, from corrupting his borderlands, despite the dark secret that he depends on its medicinal properties to control his touretts. The stories of El Chupacabra and zombie-like goats sick with colic peak his interest in the remote area known by the locals as the Catholic Hills.


Chancho, Muddy and Nena pack all their worldly possessions, including their marijuana harvest and herd of goats, and leave the Catholic Hills. When McCutchen discovers the remains of their marijuana field his worst fears are confirmed — the drug has crossed the border and is being grown in Texas soil. He vows to bring the fugitives to the swift, cold justice that has become his calling card, delivered by his twin Colt .45s.


Anticipated release for Fistful of Reefer is Summer 2011.

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