Adopt an Indie?

What is more American than to be independent? (Honestly I don’t even believe in being independent in most areas of life, with the notable exceptions of continence and sin.) But when it comes to my professional writing career I couldn’t be more dependently independent.

The month of November, this 2011, shall forever be remembered as “Adopt an Indie” month. What exactly does that mean, you may ask. Well, you see, independents like me aren’t really so independent.

We rely on an army of followers for one. Plus, we depend on creative consultants, technical experts, retentive editors, supportive family and friends, etc.

Still our fragile little egos are constantly in need of nourishing. Thus enter “Adopt an Indie” month. In all fairness, us Indie types spend half the night worrying about how to compete with smarmy authors who have wormed they way in the doors of major publishers and how to manipulate global powerhouses such as Amazon.

Despite the army of helpers around us, we really are alone at times and constantly in need of the all-precious and supremely-coveted word of mouth that the industry refers to as “buzz.” (I thought buzz was what one got from drinking a second Lone Star with dinner.)

Adopt an Indie month is your opportunity to find a great book and a spunky, little writer to bring home with you and walk around the block. Show him/her off at parties. Revel in your “Indie sparkle” by showing your insider knowledge. (Envision it now. “Oh I’ve read Hunger Games, but the other day I found this little gem. Totally off the grid…”)[divider]

So what do you have to lose? Click on over to the website and browse through genres such as Adventure, Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction, and many more to find your personal Indie for November. Take ’em home with you for the holidays, and you’ll be glad you did.

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