American Flag Waving, Hemp Style

hemp history week logoHere at the Green Porch it’s my duty every now and then to remind y’all that you’re killing the earth and dooming human kind to hell.

Whether its due to driving an SUV, implanting a cell phone chip in your brain or refusing to give up Survivor-style reality TV, we are, each of us, brewing our own stew of the end times. But hey, with a little Worcestershire that stew could have some real zing.

On a preventative note, this last week was the fourth annual Hemp History Week. By golly it was an American-flag-waving celebration of the sort of manifest destiny that made this nation great. Are you going to spend another year sitting around in your cotton briefs allowing those Washington bureaucrats to tell you what you can and can’t farm in your raised garden beds?

The answer is “hell no!” Just because a few recreationalists may try to sneak some wacky tobaccy plants past the good ole’ watch dogs of the DEA, doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t be allowed to harvest our own personal stash of THC-free industrial hemp style cannabis as a great source of Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s (I’ve been told they make us more like Omega Man).

Actually, the more of us permitted to grow THC-free (less than 0.1%) strains of cannabis the more it will cross-polinate with the wacky variety, thus doing the DEA’s job for them. (Take that ever-shifting and tenuous Mexican cartels!)

Anywho. Even though Hemp History Week is officially over, it’s never too late to do some good ole American flag waving (as long as that flag is made of hemp). Head on over to the official site for some good info. that will make you proud to be an American subject to yet one more baffling regulatory measure. (Just don’t do so while driving and drinking a big gulp, you planetary destroyer!)

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