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Grab an Ebook Autographed by David Mark Brown via Autography

The Future is here. Now you can be a part of it with your very own autographed ebook, signed by me! (To find out more about David Mark Brown, aka Jim Buckner, and his stories, click here.)

Lost DMB Files Volume OneFistful of ReeferThe Austin JobTwitch and Die! a novel of the Lost DMB FilesDe Novo Syndrome coverDesert Gods, a novel of the DMB Files


Step One:

Choose the title you want and click. Then you will be taken offsite to Autography Logo

Step Two:

There you will fill out your email, name and the file format you wish to download (for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, Droid, etc.) Click purchase! An email will be sent to me. I will promptly autograph your ebook and send it to the email address you have provided.

Step Three:

Click on the link in your email, and you will be directed to pay for your autographed ebook (or download for free if you are within a promotional window).

It’s that easy! Now you own an ebook autographed by me, and what could be better than that?

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