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Fistful of Reefer

Lost DMB Files #17

About This Book

No Country for Old Men meets The Three Amigos.

Fistful of Reefer delivers a surge equivalent to a cocktail of 1 part serotonin, 2 parts adrenaline, with a dash of grenadine served over ice. It scratches the urge primeval. Combining the smooth consumption of a beach house page-turner with the kick to the face of a summer blockbuster movie, this double-fisted, dieselpunk weird-Western resides between No Country for Old Men and The Three Amigos.

“Sergio Leone would have killed to film FISTFUL OF REEFER. Harry Turtledove would admire the way history has been skewed. Others will love the notion of Reeferpunk. The estimable Mr. Brown has really latched onto something here.”

— Mike Resnick

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