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Get Doc Quick

Lost DMB Files #24

About This Book


Mad Max in a Model T.

“A wild, apocalyptic ride with an irascible, Chiclet-chewing old cuss. Riveting from beginning to end!”

“Brown’s pulpy action story, Get Doc Quick, has done more to strengthen my belief in the historicity of the Lost DMB Files than any of his other tales.” ~ Professor Jim Buckner

Doctor Quincy Quick is helpless to stop a raging plague called the twitch from consuming the company mining town of Thurber, TX during the winter of 1919. But can he still save his family?

Mad Max in a Model T, the not so good Doc is willing to bury men to save his wife and daughter. Trouble is, he’s carrying secrets about the plague the company responsible will kill to bury. In Doc’s own words, “When everything’s come out sideways, there ain’t nothing but to take what’s left and get clear. But when a man ain’t got nothing left, what then?”

“Better suited to NASCAR than the E.R., this Doc and his pimped out Model T kick serious keister.”

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