Gridiron 2029

Gridiron #1

About This Book

The future of football is at stake.

Injuries, drugs and biohacking threaten the future of football. CK Campbell, anticipated number one overall pick in the 2028 draft, spirals into obscurity after a flashpoint between protestors, players and owners cancels the 2028 season and dashes his dreams.

In 2029, the gridiron goes virtual as cybernetic neural networks in tandem with extensive holographic projectors promise a more vivid spectacle for fans, a safer profession for players and more money for owners. Inevitably, the tectonic shift in the world’s most profitable sport unleashes unforeseen potential for profit.

Campbell, once a vocal opponent of human implants and biohacking, undergoes experimental surgery to reconstruct his injured arm. An unwitting instrument of espionage and subterfuge, Campbell desperately accepts a contract to join the San Antonio Aztecs as an undrafted free agent. To reach the big stage, he’ll have to up his game while stopping those who would compromise the technology the league will kill to protect.

Brown weaves his unique brand of chilling suspense, his knowledge of the game, and a startlingly probable series of near future events into a must read thriller for anyone close to American football, hockey, rugby or any other gladiator-style sport. Brown’s imaginative future-telling of full-contact sport will leave readers thirsting for more while sparking debate over the likelihood that his predictions become reality.

“An eerily prophetic thriller sure to entertain sports enthusiasts and gawkers alike.”