Master Box Set

(Coming soon…) You’ve read enough to know you want it all! While this box set doesn’t include everything I’ve written, it will get you well on your way with 20 stories (including an exclusive bonus episode of The Green Ones). Retail value of this baby should be over $40! But for you, $20. You’re officially … Read more Master Box Set

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Gridiron 2029

Gridiron #1

The future of football is at stake. Injuries, drugs and biohacking threaten the future of football. CK Campbell, anticipated number one overall pick in the 2028 draft, spirals into obscurity after a flashpoint between protestors, players and owners cancels the 2028 season and dashes his dreams. In 2029, the gridiron goes virtual as cybernetic neural … Read more Gridiron 2029

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