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Paraplegic Zed Slayer

Lost DMB Files #35

About This Book

Never get between a man in a wheelchair and his sons.

“In the dust zone every man lives with a shotgun under his mattress and a bullet in his brain.”

Life in the post apocalyptic dust zone of the Texas Panhandle can be brittle at best. Georgy Founder has already lost his wife, his daughter and his legs. But he still has three sons.

With ingenuity and cunning the Founders have learned the secrets to surviving their threatening environs. But fear has governed them for too long. Survival is no longer enough. As neurotoxin-ravaged Twitchers rally for control over the region, Georgy is forced to reconcile his past in order to provide his sons a future worth living.

“If all my life’s worth of reading was just to find this story, it would so totally be worth it.”

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