Bunker Nuts, Belly Aches and Having My Doubts

the-flood1I’ve spent my entire life in areas of the country that seem to genuinely look forward to the end so much, that I have completely lost rational perspective on it.  Not that these belly achers and bunker nuts talk of the end as an enjoyable time, but they have such an enjoyable time talking about it.  But in the end, I think it just comes down to being able to say I told you so, and being the one prepared that watches all the others flounder around in the flood.

Seriously though, did Noah really behave that way as he looked down from the deck of his ark at all his neighbors drowning in the torrent?  “Hah! Payback’s a bitch!  Told ya’ll it was gonna’ rain.”

Well, I think we need more than spite to live sustainably, because living for the end doesn’t really seem sustainable after all.  It’s just that it seems all too common today to find these sort of doomsayers and complainers at all rungs of the ladder.  From speculation about regional land value after the ravages of global warming to well intended saviors of the earth the guile is just too much to swallow.

Oh, how such a good part of me would like to retreat into the wilderness and take up the pen of Thoreau and live the noble life off the grid (or at least a mile and half off of it).  But then I wonder if it would not be more noble after all to stay plugged in and be an active part of the end, if it be coming.

I do believe that the United States’ course has gone misdirected and I don’t think we have the sense to correct her.  And I think all the human race will suffer for it.  While on the one hand I think it smart to buffer myself from the madness, I guess on the other I find it more humble and just to remain my part and suffer along with the rest that haven’t the choice.

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