Cannabis Should be Eaten, not Smoked (Sheesh!)

hempnutcompositionAlthough bland at first glance, hemp’s most important role may very well end up  as a part of our diet.   Hemp is a monster when it comes to proteins and essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  These two things are the reason we should all be growing hemp in our backyard gardens.  (Note to DEA:  I don’t have hemp in my backyard garden.  I don’t even garden, or have a yard.  I promise.)

Many may disagree about whether the earth is in the midst of a food crisis or overall shortage.  If we all played nice, mabye everyone could have enough (fat chance).  We do know that in the U.S. we are losing farms, farmers and farm land.  But, there is much less disagreement that we suffer globally from a food distribution crisis.  Certainly portions of the earth surface lack sufficient food stuffs to feed the people that live there.  And seeing how lack of vital resources like food can cause mayhem and destruction of life that ultimately reaches even us lazy Americans on our couches, we should probably care that others lack food.  Enter hemp, stage right.

There are a lot of crazy stats out there and I will try to only through the most pertinent ones at you for the moment.  Hemp can be eaten as an oil, a cake or meal, as a nut (a hulled seed) and as a whole seed.  But it is the seed that has the most nutritional value.  The seed is often 25% to 35% oil and this oil is where the EFA’s come into play.  Hemp seed oil is such a good source of these non trans-fatty acids that it is comparable to fish.  And apparently, hemp nut is the only food on earth that has every EFA.  This is important because it is estimated that 90% of Americans don’t get enough EFA’s in their diet.

The second key element of nutrient for hemp is protein.  Hemp’s protein percentage of 25% to 35% approaches soy witch registers usually around 35%.  Hemp also has a great balance of amino acids and is closer to the more “complete” sources of protein such as meat and dairy than any other nut or grain.   But the key is that hemp’s proteins are 65% something called “edestin.”  This protein is much more easy to digest than the protein found in soy.  Thus less intestinal cramping and night time sessions of the squirts after an evening of veggie burger debauchery.  Praise the Lord.

But wait!  That’s not all.  Hemp contains 35% of our necessary dietary fiber, higher than all commercial grains.  And when you combine hemp’s source of fiber, protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids it is feasible that man could live off of hemp alone.  Crazy.  Man does not live off of bread alone, unless that bread is made from hemp.  So, it seems clear that hemp could not only play a huge role in increasing health at home, but it could be essential in areas that lack the necessary nutrition to survive.

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