Hemp Pants Finally Found, Loved

Orvis Montana Hemp JeansIn my last blog I chided hippies and granolas for not having the business sense to provide the world (or at least me) with a swell pair of hemp pants 34X34.  Finally I found my savior, well within the bosom of hippie-womping hicks and sensible country folk, Orvis Clothing.

Orvis is the only clothing store with a website that sells hemp pants in size 34×34 for men.  I know.  A powerful statement made by a man wearing cannabis crafted clothing, but true.  Nowhere else could I find my coveted pants.  Orvis had two colors to chose from in 3 different inseams and several waist sizes.

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“Extended Warranty? How Can I Lose?!”

homer-simpsonI love Homer Simpson, but this is one quote I just can’t get behind.  Am I the only one, or are there others out there that start to carve shivs from salesperson writing utensils when they hear the words “would you like to purchase the extended warranty with that?”

I’ve tried everything as a remedy to the extended warranty.  I have tried buying cheep pieces of crap that can be replaced a dozen times before the expense adds up to the warranty.  I have tried buying top of the line appliances that I figure shouldn’t need an extended warranty.  I’ve tried bribing repairmen, making fake threats and even begging.  None of these has worked, with one notable exception.  (I begged a genius at the Apple Genius Bar to have mercy on me and my two year old imac that needed a new logic board.  He looked suspiciously around to see if this was a Steve Jobs orchestrated sting operation and then kindly agreed to fix it for free!)

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