Hemp Pants Finally Found, Loved

Orvis Montana Hemp JeansIn my last blog I chided hippies and granolas for not having the business sense to provide the world (or at least me) with a swell pair of hemp pants 34X34.  Finally I found my savior, well within the bosom of hippie-womping hicks and sensible country folk, Orvis Clothing.

Orvis is the only clothing store with a website that sells hemp pants in size 34×34 for men.  I know.  A powerful statement made by a man wearing cannabis crafted clothing, but true.  Nowhere else could I find my coveted pants.  Orvis had two colors to chose from in 3 different inseams and several waist sizes.

Outdoorsmen and farmers have known for over a hundred years that hemp makes a durable yet breathable pair of pants — pants you can do real work in.  This is something many granolas apparently don’t know about.  While they sit around in yoga poses wearing their drawstring, high-water pants, I am sitting in my cushy, office chair in my durable, work-capable hemp pants.  And you know what, I might go do some real work when the weather warms up.

For now, I’ve got more NFL playoffs to attend to, and I’m glad I know I can rely on my new hemp pants to keep me cheering in style.  For now, Granolas are down 7 to 0 against Outdoorsmen.  If you would like to join me wearing the only pair of sustainable Hemp pants available on-line click here.

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