Del Rio Con Amor: Intro. & Index

This ain’t just Villa’s revolution anymore and there’s a whole lot of gold about to go disappearing. Viva this! First, an introduction. Hidely-ho, reader. I’m the writer best known as David Mark Brown and the infamous RedneckGranola. You may know me from such websites as or www.onetruepants. But currently you have stumbled upon my … Read more Del Rio Con Amor: Intro. & Index

Del Rio Con Amor: p.13

Through the ringing in Chancho’s ears a four-stroke, diesel engine pulsed to life, followed by a small explosion detonating the deadman. Cringing, he waited less than three seconds for what he knew was coming next. Thankfully the crashing of the armored car into the deadman sounded little worse than overly rambunctious freight cars coupling—no secondary … Read more Del Rio Con Amor: p.13