The Secret Life of Hemp

hemp-leaf-productsDamn you Reefer Madness, William Randolph Hearst, Dupont and racist American government of the 1930’s!  Over 70 years later and we in the U.S. are still suffering the ill effects of banning marijuana and all its associates during a period of economic rebound that encouraged greed, paranoia, racism and lax political oversight. (Sound familiar?)

Industrial hemp was going strong throughout the 1920’s.  It found uses in everything from paint to cosmetics to food.  It is even rumored that the first pair of Levi jeans were made from Hemp in the mid-1800’s.  (The evidence was destroyed in the great San Francisco fire.)  People have long derided prohibition as one of the stupider achievements of American history, blaming it for (among other things) giving rise to organized crime.  Well, if prohibition was stupid you have to lump reefer madness into the same category of dumb.

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Redneck Supported Agriculture

Homes never smell like vinegar baths anymore.  When I was a wee one there was an informal holiday around my house that I guess could have been remembered as “Canning millet_gleanersDay.”  Much of this holiday’s kitchen rituals remained a mystery to me, but the days leading up to the “great pot” were like Easter and a safari combined.  It was my job to roam the hills or the draws harvesting anything from wild plums to mustang grapes.  Then, through a vinegar haze, these wild gems somehow became jam.

These efforts at gathering in the wild crops from the creek and bramble are only one branch of the redneck supported agricultural tree (which has now become endangered).  The second, and more important, is gleaning.  Some today might call this stealing, but come on.

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The Guerillas Have Reached SLC (Go SLUGG!)

Earth day is in the air and granolas are coming out from under their winter stupor here in Salt Lake.  This is the day to celebrate temporary amnesia for so many earth activists, so grim so much of the time.  But not today.  At the University of Utah earth lovers, granolas and tree huggers of … Read more The Guerillas Have Reached SLC (Go SLUGG!)