The Guerillas Have Reached SLC (Go SLUGG!)

guerilla_gardenersEarth day is in the air and granolas are coming out from under their winter stupor here in Salt Lake.  This is the day to celebrate temporary amnesia for so many earth activists, so grim so much of the time.  But not today.  At the University of Utah earth lovers, granolas and tree huggers of all stripes were gleefully frolicking around the Student Union Plaza.  Even the local banter with deadbeat Republican politicians was upbeat and wistful.  A white, paper mache unicorn was proudly wheeled out representing the clean coal package some are trying to ramrod through our nations capitol.

By far my favorite comrades in green at this year’s festival where the newly formed Salt Lake Urban Guerilla Gardeners (SLUGG).  How can you complain with stickin’ it to the man with “seed bombs.”  It’s better than sticking cut flowers in gun barrels (first you are planting stuff instead of killing it, and secondly you don’t have to look into a gun barrel).  I can’t wait for my walk around the neighborhood tomorrow and my small contribution to bombing SLC with future flowers in bloom.  Give ’em herb, guerillas.  Give em herb.

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