Keeping Bailouts Local

Here is an idea.  What if local churches and other such entities which represented a significant amount of cumulative wealth banded together to bail out local home owners in danger of foreclosure.  I know of one example I heard of several years ago of an urban church financing members’ homes at a below market percentage. … Read more Keeping Bailouts Local

Can Old Housing Bring New Answers?

The Tulou are clan houses built in the Fujian province of South East China.  It is believed that these structures were built as early as the 13th century, and many of them survive today at varying ages.  Some are several hundred years old.  I first heard of these structures from Earth Architecture’s website and they … Read more Can Old Housing Bring New Answers?

What Shade of Green Are You?

  After reading a recent article by Alex Steffen on I thought I would pass it on and continue the conversation.  Alex refers to the different emerging camps in sustainable living as different shades of green (and gray).  These terms are starting to take off and I think for good reason.  There is a … Read more What Shade of Green Are You?