Young Readers in Dire Need of Colbert Bump

To the ripe approval of the masses, Stephen Colbert continues to reshape the world in his radical image. Hatchette author, Edan Lepucki, rose on the luminous wings of the famous “Colbert bump” last month all the way to #3 on the New York Times best seller list. (Granted, no one cares about the New York Times … Read more Young Readers in Dire Need of Colbert Bump

Harleys of the Sky: Dieselpunk Fourth

P-40 at Warhawk MuseumTo commemorate the independence of the good ole’ US of A my son and I strolled over to the World War II Warhawk Air Museum here in Nampa, Idaho. Over the weekend they were hosting an event complete with flights of many of their aircraft (and some on loan).

Of course the whole outing was under the guise of “something good for our son to do.” Fifteen minutes into the excursion and he starting complaining about his stomach hurting. Well, that forced me to reveal the truth of the situation–that I wasn’t about to leave until I got to see some WWII planes buzz the tower.


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Potty Training Wall Street

I smell like urine. Everything smells like urine. My fiercely brave wife and I have been potty training our 3 year old son for the last few days. (He’s doing well, by the way.) And I can’t help but feel like my son has mastered something in three days that people in our political and financial centers still haven’t figured out — namely, how to read and control base urges in order to avoid pissing all over everything.

It’s pretty amazing, really. (Both that my son is a genius and that so many career sorts still need newspaper spread around everywhere they go.) A few days ago my little boy was just letting it rip whenever the urge hit (a sensation I haven’t experienced since going tubing a few years ago). Now he’s registering the impulse to wiz mentally and cuing his little body to beeline for the toilet before doing so.

Yet, around our fair land, a noticeable percentage of the people in charge of leading us and forecasting our fates seem to have relapsed.

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