Redneck Sustainability: Keepin’ it General

tractor-fixWhen did it happen that most Citizens of the U.S. lost the ability to grow or find their own food without having a kazillion other people involved in a half-dozen different stages of bringing it to them?  When did we lose the ability to get to work without highly trained specialists to insure we can get there?  When did each of us get so highly important and specialized that no one could possibly replace us?  How many times this week have you used the word niche in a conversation?

It’s getting worse isn’t it?  I know, its probably my fault.  My grandfather could palpate a cow,

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Redneck Sustainability: Rhythms

flatbush_siesta03I know that the Mike Judge’s cartoon, “King of the Hill” is ridiculous in innumerable ways, but it is also extremely accurate in its portrayal of the culture in which I grew up.  One element of this culture that I have come to recognize as quite remarkable and wonderful is the redneck rhythm.

Since roaming far and wide from my boisterous cousins back home I have spent much time in search of a healthy rhythm of life.  You know, a regular and constant way of living that is sustainable at its core — both productive and inspiring while being restful and reflective at the same time.

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Bunker Nuts, Belly Aches and Having My Doubts

the-flood1I’ve spent my entire life in areas of the country that seem to genuinely look forward to the end so much, that I have completely lost rational perspective on it.  Not that these belly achers and bunker nuts talk of the end as an enjoyable time, but they have such an enjoyable time talking about it.  But in the end, I think it just comes down to being able to say I told you so, and being the one prepared that watches all the others flounder around in the flood.

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