Repetition and Redundancy Are the Twin Breasts of America

We suckle from breasts that insure our own demise.  Bummer.statue-nursing

To continue my theme on blemishes within the American Dream that hinder sustainability I thought I would turn to a nurturing image in celebration of Mother’s Day.  I know, so sentimental.  Anyway, the problem here in the USA is not that our breasts are shriveled and dry (if only they were), rather the problem is that we suck at the wrong tits (if sustainability is what we seek.  And it isn’t, but it should be.).

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Sustaining the American Dream… for More

american-flagThere is a critical flaw deeply embedded in the American Dream, as most Americans dream it.  It has to do with how each of us are trained to see others.  My parents made efforts to resist, and so gave me as much of an advantage as they could, but the influence is wide and strong.  This flawed outlook is also in direct opposition to sustainability.  It is the main problem with all of our good intentions and positive plans when it comes to sustainability.

That deadly flaw is a trained lack of contentment.

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Venus Dreaming

venusprojectNow this is the stuff of my childhood dreams.  When my imagination was still unbounded and unfettered by the burdens of reality and the skepticism of age I dreamed of molding and forming society like play-dough.  The Venus Project, the brain child of Jacque Fresco, is doing just that.  This is the luxury of genius at its best.  Even at first glance I can recognize the science fiction novels I have read that have been influenced by this stuff.

But is all of this just modernist, Jean-Luc Picard type thinking that is already being supplanted by the post modern sense of relativist spirituality?

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