Downtown Nampa: Coy Bettie’s

Downtown NampaThe campaign begins.

I first heard the term BoDo 10 years ago while living near the Depot in Boise. Thus began the campaign to reimagine the once desiccated interior of the thriving (ill-planned) capital city of Idaho.

At 83,000 residents Nampa, Idaho is the second largest city in the state. Both the redneck and spiritual center of the state, Nampa is the rural, God-fearing workingman’s urban hub.

After a stint in Utah, my wife and I have returned to Idaho. Not to the empty rustling of Boise, but to the soul-cleansing pace of Nampa. Having suffered a series of brutal economic blows and setbacks, downtown Nampa now teeters at the brink. Or maybe it’s a turning point.

Step aside BoDo. It’s our turn. It’s time for some DNT. (Official revival name yet to be determined, but work with me on this.)

Over the next several months the Green Porch will be inviting local Nampa residents to spout off their personal stories and rally cries. It’s time that we the people get behind a grass roots movement to reinvision our city from the inside out.

The heart pumps the blood throughout the rest of the body. A withered heart means a decaying body. So charge the crash pads and get ready.

Bring Back Coy Bettie’s

The first line of business is Coy Bettie’s. Where are you Betty? A sign has recently gone up stating that the quircky and genuinly taste bistro and espresso is closed until further notice. I just committed my heart! Betty, I need you for sipping tea and chomping on the working man’s special (for $2!) while pounding out my empassioned blog posts.

My wife needs your awesome gluten-free breads and breakfast dishes.

Alas, personal issues have forced the head chef and owner to close Bettie’s in order to get a full-time job at a bakery in Boise. But she’s ours! Boise can’t have her.

The Campaign Begins

So this is what we are going to do. If you live locally I emplore you click over to Betty’s facebook page and fan it. Leave a comment to let her know you promise to be more faithful in the future. Don’t let this wonderfully tasty and unique downtown business go quietly. Currently there are 95 fans. I’ll report back in a week when I expect there to be over 400 (all people who would go eat there if the shop reopened).

The campaign has begun with you and me. It will end with a brighter day for all of us. It’s time to go DNT.

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    • It’s more of a “bring it back” than a “save it” campaign. My understanding was that she needed to make more money and so took a job in Boise. That said… my hope is eventually she could reopen the store with enough financial support.


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