Dr. Pepper Kills Beloved Dublin Brand… Why?

dublin Dr. PepperOkay. Contracts were broken. But how is that worse than lying on your taxes? This past Wednesday Dr. Pepper Snapple killed the “Dublin Dr. Pepper” brand name. They claim it was to protect the diluting of their Dr. Pepper trademark. Read more about it here.

So nine different Dr. Pepper products (including Dr. Pepper 10. What the hell is that?) is just fine, but ten is watered down? And aren’t they just going to keep making Dublin Dr. Pepper at other bottlers anyway? (The answer is yes.) So… they still have the same amount of trademark-watering-down Dr. Pepper products as before.

The only difference is that now instead of “Dublin Dr. Pepper,” fanatics aficionados will be drinking “Dr. Pepper made will real cane sugar.” Look. I’m no marketing genius. But I like the old name better. Dr. Pepper Snapple says they weren’t mad about what was in the bottle, but what was written on the bottle. In fact several other bottling plants, including the one in Temple, TX, have permission to make Dr. Pepper with real cane sugar.

Hmmm. So several places are already bottling and distributing Dr. Pepper with real cane sugar… and yet no one gives a flying fructose because they want Dublin Dr. Pepper! Who’s ever heard of Temple Dr. Pepper? Or even knew other plants were bottling the stuff?

Wake up, corporate nerdlingers, and smell a brand name when thousands of freakish zealots wave it under you nose. The product is “Dublin Dr. Pepper.” It won’t matter where you bottle it or what you call it. All you have done is pissed off a bunch of loyal customers and bruised a small Texas town economy. According to your logic, next time I hail the soda jerk I’m supposed to ask for a “Dr. Pepper with real cane sugar bottled in Temple, Texas” instead of a “Dublin DP.”

It ain’t happening, bub. All hail Dublin DP!

4 thoughts on “Dr. Pepper Kills Beloved Dublin Brand… Why?”

  1. Yes, David. My family is sobbing today. We used to make an annual pilgrimage to Dublin. I have six little children, they all love Dublin Dr Pepper so much. We love the town, the plant, the product, and the name.

    In my world, anyone can mix sugar and flavorings any way they like, they can call it what they like, they can decorate and market it how they like. If you like it, you buy it; if you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. In my world, interfering with someone else doing that is a criminal. You can’t “own” a name or a formula, even if currently you can use government force to punish people for doing things you don’t like.

    • Just to get this straight. You are talking about making a soft drink and not a baby, correct? Cause I’ve heard it takes more than real cane sugar to make the latter…


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