Hemp History Week, 2010: Bring Back Industrial Hemp

It is probably not a new revelation to most of you that hemp once grew tall and proud throughout many regions of the United States.  Before bored advocated of Prohibition teamed up with politicians and others seeking to push mostly Mexican immigrants back South of the Border during the rise toward the Great Depression and eventually leading to the “Reefer Madness” era, hemp was widely grown and used for dozens of applications in the U.S. including paints, cosmetics, fabrics and foods.

It seems, after many years of difficult struggle, groups such as the Hemp Industries Association and Vote Hemp might finally be gathering the momentum to bring hemp back into the mainstream of American society.  These two organizations are teaming up this Spring to bring us Hemp History Week, May 17th-23rd.  This is not the same thing as, “Smoke a Doobie, Attention Deficit Day,” or “Bake a Ganja Brownie for your Favorite Earth Sprite Day.”

These organizations, and many others around the U.S. are serious about issues of sustainability AND economy.  Hemp is a versatile crop, adept at growing in many climates and soil types.  Hemp has a growing market in more than a dozen areas of the “green” economy that Obama and others so often stress the importance of.  These areas include the building sector, energy sector, food sector, textile sector and whatever you want to refer to fabrication and containers/plastics, etc. as.

The more the American public learns about the history of Hemp in the U.S. the more crystal clear its future will become.  For that reason alone, this event in May is an important one.  The main thrust of the awareness week will consist of local events sponsored and put on by volunteers at the grassroots level.  It is hoped that these events will garner at least 50,000 signed post cards urging President Obama and Attorney General Holder to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp.  You can click here in order to sign up as a volunteer to make sure your hometown has an event to celebrate Hemp History Week and be a part of demanding hemp be made a part of our future as well.

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