Let the eBook Binging Begin

GreenPorch Winter of eReadingNow that you’ve slept off your fudge hangover and fully charged your new eReading device, it’s time to start binging on eBooks! But where to begin, and how to avoid the dreaded eBook hangover?

1.) Focus, focus, focus. Every port and galactic eBar in the eBook eVerse promises cheep or free eBooks. Most of these sites are trying to harvest clicks or funnel you toward their own books (of all the nerve. Oh, if you haven’t yet, click here to buy my latest book). Find a few trustworthy sites you like and learn how to get the most out of them. Learning how to find what you want on a even a high quality site for free/cheap eBooks is an art as well as a science.

2.) Pace yourself. You don’t have to max out your memory capacity on the first day. Chose a genre you really want to start reading and pick up a few books. Scan your favorite sites for special deals and pick up anything you can’t live without. Remember, you are a kid in a candy store, not a pig in a sty. eVomit is an ugly, ugly thing.

3.) Know thyself. What sort of books are you looking for? If you get cold sweats when thinking about finding a gem in the midst of a bookshelf of dreck and vampire on werwolf romance. Then stick to the known commodities. If the price tag on the known commodities drives you to drink cheap wine blended with expired eggnog, then dive into the indie world of affordable eBooks.

4.) Search out trustworthy advice. There are hundreds of great eBook bloggers out there and sites like kindle nation daily that will provide you with a manageable dose of eBook recommends. Click here for some of the recommends the Porch has thrown out over the last year (and the book bloggers who originally reviewed them).[divider]

That’s all for me. I’ve got some binging to do. (After I catch up with my reading from my last round of binging!)

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