Like Handing Out Condoms?


Question:  Is providing free sleeping structures for the homeless like passing out condoms to the randy?  I came across this article yesterday, via the Tiny House Blog, about EDAR (Everyone Deserves a Roof).  Peter Samuelson has developed this little shelter that is a cross between a shopping cart and a commercial sized laundry cart.  It provides mobility during the day for caring or collecting goods and a shelter at night.

So, is this one of those types of assistance that falls across the great American divide of conservatism and liberalism?  Will some view this as enabling irresponsible behavior while others view it as providing essential assistance to those at risk?  Is it more important to be “encouraging” the “homeless” to “give up” their “vagabond” ways by “helping” them “rough it” a little?  Or is it the best we can expect to provide them with a canvas constructed, ally-side mansion in the slums?

Sarcasm anyone?  The title question of this blog was posed to me by another, and I have to admit… I don’t really see the point.  Yes?  Is that the answer?  Well, of course not.  It is most certainly, I guess!  Maybe?  All of the above.

The reality for randy teens is that they need wisdom, something they can’t attain without experience and something they don’t possess.  Lord willing they attain it without killing themselves or others.  There is a whole shiz load of parenting stuff that goes into the process and hopefully a safe and healthy human comes out.

For the homeless, they need a home… something they can’t obtain without justice and something they don’t possess.  Lord willing they’ll obtain it with the help of others or the help of themselves.  There is a whole shiz load of civic and governing stuff that goes into the process and hopefully a restored and dignified human comes out.

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