Lost DMB Files

Lost DMB Files Volume OneSo just what are the Lost DMB Files?

Good question. There is the official story, and then there is my story. The official story is simple enough. The lost files don’t exist. They are nothing but some old pulp novels written by a nobody who died a long time ago.

“Sergio Leone would have killed to film
FISTFUL OF REEFER. Harry Turtledove would admire
the way history has been skewed. Others will love
the notion of the Lost DMB Files. The estimable Mr. Brown
has really latched onto something here.” ~Mike Resnick

My story? Well, it goes a little differently.

ChanchoDime novelists and pulp fiction writer, David Mark Brown, disappeared during the 1930’s. So did the vast majority of his writings. This only matters if you believe, as I do, these writings contain a startling truth about a secret history intentionally subverted by individuals behind the most powerful nation on earth.

Published originally as serials and dime novels, these Lost DMB Files are indeed entertaining and thrilling stories by their own right. But when taken together and decoded it becomes clear that Brown intended to document a timeline of events (now 100 years removed) using the only means available.

What happened to Reeferpunk?

Similar to how “Reefer Madness” stormed the U.S. during the 30’s, the term “Reeferpunk” was created by opponents of the Lost DMB Files in attempt to smear the respectability of the stories and the people championing them. While we at the Green Porch and the Truth in History Society have nothing against the Hell's Wombterm (and actually think if fairly accurate), we recognize it as an attack and thus do not endorse the label or use it ourselves. We would thank all those friendly to our cause to use “Lost DMB Files” or simply lost files over the derogatory label.

“Dirty, rotten hombres with dynamite. Hell yes!”

“A wild, apocalyptic ride with an irascible, Chiclet-chewing old cuss. Riveting from beginning to end!”

The DMB Files

DeNovoSyndromecoversmallOver the last year Professor Jim Buckner has been kind enough to offer his substantial expertise and personal experience as primary exhumer and editor of the lost files. During that time his life has been in jeopardy on several occasions.

Fall 2012, Buckner began publishing a series of conspiracy thrillers based on recent events in his life and our ongoing efforts to plumb the depths of the lost files. These stories will be known as The DMB Files with Buckner as the primary author. By remaining true to Brown’s original delivery method of presenting fact within fiction, we attempt to both honor David Mark Brown as well as spread the truth he endeavored to preserve. Enjoy the show.

“Blood soaked and terse, J.T. McCutchen is an epic anti-hero in the making.”

Editor Jim Buckner Introduces the Lost DMB Files

Get Doc Quick

The Truth in History Society (THS), commonly known as lost file conspiracists, have beat their drum for nearly a dozen years. I, like most, ignored them. Events I describe in detail within my book, De Novo Syndrome, explain my reversal on the matter.

Several months ago, I rigorously set about curating and editing all known Lost DMB Files while maintaining as scientific of an approach to these pulpy stories as possible. Now I count myself among the zealous believers in their authenticity, not simply as pulp fiction, but as journalistic tales preserving historic fact.

It is my belief these lost files will eventually explain many of the mysteries threatening our society, including the origins and  effects of the twitch retrovirus.

“Holy S#!% I hope I just sat in chocolate pudding.”

“I tried cutting the tension in this story with a knife before eventually resorting to a rusty chainsaw.”

Many names and places were altered in the original stories in effort to disguise the secrets they contained from parties who would have destroyed them had they known the true content within. Even with these protective measures, it appears many of the writing were indeed rounded up eventually. As well, David Mark Brown mysteriously disappeared during the mid-1930’s.

My promise to the reader is to seek out these Lost DMB files and present them to you unabridged and unaltered from their original intent for as long as I am able (or until the unlikelihood they are all discovered). I also vow to do my best to allow you to draw your own conclusions as to their historical value and contemporary commentary. (I’ll refrain from my preachy tendencies as best I can.)

Finally, be forewarned. Becoming lost in these “lost files” and the world they reconstruct is difficult to resist. May what once was lost, now be found.

Professor Jim “Buck” Buckner (Meet Buck here)

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All Known Lost DMB Files

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