Oblivion, Calamity and Disaster: L.A. Lakers to Blame

kobe bryantI can see the headline now:  California disintigrates into oblivion after massive calamity of natural disasters.  L.A. Lakers to blame.

You know you are thinking it.  Will God judge all of California because of the haughty arrogance of Kobe Bryant?  Should he?  Well, in my opinion, yes.  Through watching the Lakers banish all on-comers this year it has become apparent to me that they have filled up the totality of evils to be ecologically smitten by an earth loving God.  It is too much for Nature to bear up.

A sustainable planet simply cannot continue on with the L.A. Lakers in their current incarnation.  They are draining the rest of the planet of necessary natural resources such as the will to live.  There is nothing more vital right now to the survival of mankind as we know it than the will to act.  How, I ask you.  How?  How can mankind have the will to act immediately and decisively after watching a single L.A. Laker/ Kobe Bryant play-off victory? (Much less a gaggle of them.)  And in the midst of a global recession at that?

What did we elect President Obama for if it was not to intervene in such travesties? After his much talk about reforming the college football bowl debacle I had hope that he would understand the significance of sustainable sports in the U.S.  He does not, and he will not.  Now I fear it is too late.  We can only ask that God allow us to not make the same mistake again.

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