Redneck Guide to Relationships

A bronc to breakfastThe way I see it, relationships inevitably involve control. Now some times a person may be handing it over, while at others he or she may be taking it by the tail (or by the teeth). How a person handles the control determines whether they keep all their fingers, or get kicked in the head.

It’s kind of like a man and his horse. Often times, when country folk ride a horse they do so out of necessity or at least utility. The horse can make the man’s (or woman’s) life easier and vice versa. During the process of a human riding a horse to get a job done, both take turns giving control and taking it until the job is done.

Because when it comes down to it, only the horse knows how to be a horse, and only the man knows how to be a man (or how to be a male jackass in some cases, I suppose). When I kick my horse and tug on the reins, I know the job I have in mind, so I control that part. But once the horse gets the idea, only he/she knows the specifics of the best way to get the job done, one hoof at a time. When a cow bolts, I know we need to cut it off, the horse knows how.

Now before you pick up stones, I’m not trying to say women are horses meant to be ridden. Lord knows I’d be a gelding already if I ever dared such a thing. All I’m saying is that when there is a job to get done (like living life), sometimes a friend, a loved one or a spouse can make it easier. When the parties involved understand how to give control as well as take it. The job gets done with pride and satisfaction, and in a manner that is truly something beautiful to behold.[divider]

And from time to time relationships might involve some bucking, but if you can ride it out for the full eight seconds and get the hell clear without dying, then everybody comes out a winner.

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