RRS Roundup: The Arctic’s Gone

This week on Read it! Review it! Share it! I’ve got a couple of thrillers for you. One not so Indie, while the other is serial and Indie (serially Indie!) First off, the not so Indie:

Arctic Rising

Arctic Rising coverNot an indie writer, but still a quality read! I happened on this book through a blog and wanted to check it out due to its near future, sci-fiction/thriller combination (witch is the same combo I’m working on for my next novel, after Twitch and Die!

Rising delivers what it advertises. The opening is tightly paced with tid-bits on how the near future has played out, little bits of new tech (but mostly new uses for old-tech), some character development and lots of mortal danger. Good combo.

Plus, patrolling the melting Northwest Passage for nuclear waste dumpers provides an excellent reuse of an old, rusty airship. (Who says airships are only for steampunk?) Frigid cold waters, bad guys, environmental choas… what more could a redneck granola like me ask for?

*Warning: due to the non-indie status of this novel, the ebook is $12.00! That hurts! but if you can afford it, Read it! Review it! Share it!

Yesterday’s Gone: Season One

Yesterday's Gone cover
This book has a cool gimmick. This book is more than a cool gimmick. This author duo has piloted the most successful version of serial fiction I’ve seen since the Green Mile.

The story is divided up into 100 page “episodes” with around 7 of these to a “season.” They are done with season two now. The success of the series (for my money) is based mostly on the cool and eerie plot concept. In a flash, most of the Earth’s population disappears. The people who are left, struggle to figure out what the freak happened.

Do to the 100 page episode format the writers have a chance for a crazy, mind blowing ending every 100 pages. ┬áBoth the plot and the format combine to create page-turning, pulse-pounding evenings of reading. Consider Yesterday’s gone your Netflix replacement for the next few weeks, and enjoy.

*Tip: buy these episodes as “season one” and “season two” for best economy. Read it! Review it! Share it!

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