Build your Post-Apocalyptic Compound with Hemcrete

by Miroslavk82When acid rain starts to fall, mutant scorpions attack and marauding wackos try to eat your flesh you don’t want to find yourself holing up in a ramshackle farm house or an abandoned flat in NYC or London. You’re going to need a practical yet functional fortress to weather the decades of madness until the dove returns with the olive branch in its beak.

To build said fortress you’ll need to consider security, self-sustainability and endurance. The answer to all three is, you guessed it, hemcrete. (Start bugging your representatives to legalize the growing of hemp now, so you can start construction before the end comes.) Hemcrete is a bio-composite building material made by mixing specially prepared hemp shiv with a lime-based binder (Montana Hemp Council Magazine, Vol. 4, 2011).

Basically, this means hemcrete is made from cooked lime and ground up hemp stalks. But the result is as zombie proof, fire proof, mutant bug proof, bullet proof, mohawk proof dwelling.

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Argument in Favor of Non-cult Compounds

Three young ladies focusing their chi
life on the non-cult compound

What thoughts come to mind when you hear the word “compound?” If you are like me you first think of a tow-truck, but that’s impound, not compound (a common mistake). After that you probably think of fractions, interest or Branch Davidians. And that is precisely the problem.

Compounds have been getting a lot of bad press for a while now, but it shouldn’t be so. Other than the compound bow (sometimes tipped with dynamite by the likes of Bo and Luke Duke) there are many positive uses for the classic compound. My personal favorite is the family compound. While the family compound has never completely fallen out of use, it has gone through some rough times post WWII.

I blame the suburb.  

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