Del Rio Con Amor: p. 2

“It’s been done before.” Ah Puch interjected. The general slammed his fist against the wall of his personal quarters. “I will not yield to that jackal, Villa.” The windows remained shut despite the three bodies in close proximity. Chancho dabbed his brow against the stifling heat. “He will have organized a hundred of his most … Read more Del Rio Con Amor: p. 2

Del Rio Con Amor: p. 1

Four horses milled about nervously as a train’s brakes cloaked them in hot steam. Tossing their reins to the others, Chancho and Ah Puch dismounted. Summer had sunk its teeth into the countryside months ago and not yet relented. “Load the horses as planned.” Through successive waves of heat Chancho strode toward the lead passenger … Read more Del Rio Con Amor: p. 1