Easter Week: Gift of Self-tiredness

Johnny BravoIt’s long been my seasonal tradition to grow tired of myself in spring. Part of the timing has to do with the campus calendar on which I lived for 17 straight years. As a campus pastor April and May brought a dizzying blur of activity followed by a trough of self-examination.

This spring-cleaning of the self also loosely lines up with that rustic, old church calendar. You see, lent works as a sort of discipline overdose driving one into the realization that all this self-effort is a total waste of time. I realize this isn’t what the time of sacrifice is supposed to be, but hey, Christmas isn’t supposed to be about annual gift man either.

Anywho, by the time I get to Easter week I’m usually pretty dang tired of myself. Due to the fact I’m an ego-maniac for the rest of the year, I consider this a gift.

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