Guest Blog: A Shallow Sort of Inspiration

Author David M. BrownToday I welcome David M. Brown to the Green Porch. We always knew there were a lot of us around, but it just so happens that there is another DMB currently promoting a soon to be run away hit novel. So as a salute to Freaky Friday (Monday version), we’re swapping blogs for the day. But this doesn’t mean that up is down and hot is cold, or that you should go to work in your spouse’s clothing. So just enjoy the post!

These days I seem to define myself as a writer/author/novelist so often that it’s easy to forget that I was once a reader, video gamer, film lover.  Well, I say was but in truth I still am; it’s just that those things become buried so easily under the ongoing manuscript, the reviews I need to check through and the piles of money I’m making.  Hands up if you spotted that the last one was a red herring?  Okay, I admit I’m not making much money from writing just yet (ever optimistic!) so I’m also spending several hours a day fielding the day job.

In truth, I think it’s been a long time since writers were just, well, writers but I don’t think that’s confined to this profession alone.  I think we’re all multi-taskers. 

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