Where has the Sombrero Gone?

Tequila Pop 'N Dude

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he literal translation of sombrero is ‘shader,’ and for good reason. It is the ultimate shade hat. Interestingly, try to find one in the United States and 9 out of 10 google hits will bring back the “Tequila Pop N’ Dude” costume. But don’t worry, you can choose between the drunk, fat guy version or the female “Sexy Shooter.” (Which, because it includes less fabric, is appropriately priced $15 less.)

In Spanish, sombrero typically refers to any hat with a brim, so an on-line shopper would expect to be able to find some nice contemporary options available to satisfy their sombrero urgings, the empty ache in their soul for head shade. But no. Surprisingly, no one really wears the sombrero anymore, unless its Halloween or you’re in a Mariachi band (or you’re the “Tequila Pop N’ Dude” on spring break).

I think that’s a shame. 

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