Indie Book Blowout Begins

GreenPorch Winter of eReadingThis is it people, the day we’ve all prepared for. Some of you thought I was crazy for insisting we run blog drills every Monday and Thursday for the last three years… (slap, slap)

Ahem. The next 12 days represent a splendid opportunity for any of you who may be looking for striking $0.99 eBook deals to either read personally or to bequeath to a loved one. A gathering of over 200 Indie novels and nonfiction eBooks are constituting the Indie Book Blowout’s 12 Days of Christmas sales event spectacular (otherwise known as IBB12DCSES).

I’ll probably be attached to a car battery for telling you this, but hey, it’s just the kind of guy I am. Not every book in the sale is a home run. Heck, my book is in the sale, and it’s a ground rule double at best. (Lousy drunk fan with a novelty hand…) But there are books in every genre, and the Kindle store allows you sneak a peek using the free sample (if you like ┬áme and too cheap to gamble $0.99 without tasting the goods first). A good number of the books in this sale are awesome (not even I will risk naming names. I think my wife and I are done having children, but still…)

But there is more!

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