Continuing Ed, Apocalypse Style

blacksmith silhouette greeceWe’er all familiar with the scenario. Whether it’s on a raft, a desert island or a post-apocalyptic plains community, the results are the same. When it boils down to the nuts and bolts of survival, those with skills regarded as indispensable are kept alive while those seen as redundant or unnecessary are cast aside.

This indisputable fact is why it’s important to begin your apocalypse skill set training today. Yes, we all know you majored in political science with an emphasis in Middle Eastern affairs, or that you aced Anatomy and Physiology on your third try. But unless you learned anything about navigating feuds between rivaling warlords or you can identify and process the most nutritious parts of the human body, you probably haven’t done much to ensure being picked for Team Survival when Armageddon comes.

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Dukes for a Better Hazzard

poster for the Dukes of Hazzard
poster for the Dukes of Hazzard

Daisy Duke was as close as I came to a celebrity fetish as a boy. How can you resist the NASCAR driving temptress that fashioned a short-short revolution that looks good on less than 1% of the population? (of which I am proud to say I am still a part.)

But Daisy, Bo and Luke Duke were more than just hunky characters on the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard from 1979 through 1985, they were champions of community, social justice, civil liberties and simple living. I can still hear Waylon Jennings crooning about the good ole’ boys “fightin’ the system like a true, modern-day Robin Hood,” as the General Lee leaps a barn and flies off into the wild, blue yonder of freedom.

Sure, Bo and Luke ran moonshine in a Dodge Charger done up six ways to Dixie while Uncle Jesse supplied a tri-county area with white lightning, but who doesn’t jerk some hooch on the side these days? The times are hard, are they not?

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