What’s an Indie? Hoping Against Reality

Today, we at the green porch (yes I refer to myself as plural) welcome Independent author and novelist Scott Bury to discuss with us his definition of being indie! Check out his blog, Written Words, for my “Best and Worst.” (And no, they aren’t incriminating photos. Get your mind out of the gutter.) His novel, The Bones of the Earth (The Dark Age), can be found at Amazon as well as many other fine ebook retailers. Enjoy!Scott Bury

What it isn’t: richifyin’—a way to make money. If you have a cockamamie get-rich-quick scheme, it’s probably a more reliable way to earn a living than writing novels.

What it is:

1.) empowering — I can create characters, plots, even whole worlds and do exactly what I want with them. In my own little way, I can be God.

2.) liberating — Because I am independent, I don’t have to listen to any pesky agents, editors or publishers telling me which way to go, add plot points, make the character a little more this and a little less that.

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