Top 5 Writer’s Aids for Logos Domination

Risk Cavalry by Bokske

[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]ome people write for sport. Some write for food. I write for logos domination. (I’ll be a benevolent ruler, so no worries.) As such, there are many demands on my time: regimentation of blogosphere assault, infiltration of socialized media, education in the latest delivery methods and battle tactics, and most importantly honing my skill as a logos dominatrix (except as a man, and not quite so kinky).

How, you may ask, do I have the time to carry out all these diabolical activities and still have time to be a loving husband and doting father? (Oh it’s true. I love and dote the hell out of people.) Well, I have my secrets. But today I share them with you. Whether you are a writer or just hungry for a bit more domination in your life, open your learning holes because I got something better than sweet tea ┬áto pour in.

The RedneckGranola’s five aids for logos domination:

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