Why Your Indie Novel Stinks

Greg BrownHow many of you have ever gone to a classical guitar performance in which the instrument was splendidly crafted, the musician inspired and the music selection brilliantly uplifting, and yet the performance sucked because the guitar was terribly out of tune?

(Wait a second. You’re telling me you’ve never been to a classical guitar performance? Not even in college to impress a girl/guy?) Of course the answer is none of you. It’s ridiculous to think a professional or even amateur guitarist would be so asinine as to put hours of practice and hundreds of dollars into such a performance and yet simply fail to tune the instrument.

You see where I’m going with this?

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Creep Me Not: Reader/Writer Relationship

creeper from Scoobie DooYou might not have noticed, but the world is shrinking. Along with it, the gap between the almighty, worshipped writer and his/her adoring fans. (Or in my case, the fictional minions in my mind. Quiet, you! I’m writing.)

All joking aside, this is a serious issue on par with intermittent high-speed internet and trichinosis (whatever that is). With big publishers fading and book stores going belly up, more writers are pushing their wares directly to readers and more readers are getting their proverbial milk from the literary teat.

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Top 5 Writer’s Aids for Logos Domination

Risk Cavalry by Bokske

[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]ome people write for sport. Some write for food. I write for logos domination. (I’ll be a benevolent ruler, so no worries.) As such, there are many demands on my time: regimentation of blogosphere assault, infiltration of socialized media, education in the latest delivery methods and battle tactics, and most importantly honing my skill as a logos dominatrix (except as a man, and not quite so kinky).

How, you may ask, do I have the time to carry out all these diabolical activities and still have time to be a loving husband and doting father? (Oh it’s true. I love and dote the hell out of people.) Well, I have my secrets. But today I share them with you. Whether you are a writer or just hungry for a bit more domination in your life, open your learning holes because I got something better than sweet tea ┬áto pour in.

The RedneckGranola’s five aids for logos domination:

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