The Philosophy of The Green Porch

The Green Porch is a place where neighbors friends and strangers meet to discuss issues of the day.  It’s green, and it’s a porch.  By green I mean the discussion is interested in figuring out how to live sustainably in our world.  Can I advocate a particular lifestyle for every human living and expect the world to continue indefinitely?  If so, that lifestyle is sustainable.  In this manner, green could refer to sustainable energy usage, material usage, time usage, etc.

Secondly, The Green Porch is a porch.  A porch is a place of transition from public space to private, from communal to individual.  But it is a place of residence as well.  You can reside on a porch.  You can intend to dwell there before moving in or out.  Ultimately the porch is a place of community, whether it be built around a simple discussion about the weather or a complex one about your dreams.

So, The Green Porch is a place to take a closer look at the actual ecology of the “green movement.”  Community and sustainability come together.  We should not attempt to be green without consideration of its effects on family or hospitality.  We should not to relate to others in a manner that cannot be sustained.

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