The Thoughtful Bio

I have been thinking about why I do all this, why I write, in order to put together a hard-rocking bio for my portfolio.  I have discovered that it is pretty hard to boil down your purpose in life into a few paragraphs.  The below is what I have so far.  Let me know what you think.Gustave_Doré_Inferno

Above all else David Mark Brown is seeking to discover and communicate life in its un-glossed, grittiest and truest form.  He does not seek to be grim or overly graphic without reason, but appreciates the graphic when it communicates truth effectivly.  He is a dreamer and an optimist, who believes in the theological fallenness and inherent corruptibility of man.  He is a Christian who writes, not a Christian writer.

David seeks to promote genuine spiritual and moral conversation in the disciplines of sustainable building, intentional community, human sexuality, and stewardship of human and natural resources.  A continual opponent to the doctrine of relativism, David represents the narrow slice of polite-but-firm critical thinkers both postmodern and committed to the preservation of ultimate truth.  David detests both the polemic and rhetoric of today that make understanding each other and developing strong community so difficult.

David does not believe in the easy, but in the simple.  He endeavors in his writing to boil the painful and the difficult down into simple and clarifying beauty, whether this beauty be stark and shocking or warm and comforting.  In the reading he hopes that those who take the time to read find themselves living in a greater place of understanding, and that much closer to grasping the evasive truth that he believes makes up every motivation and action of all human life.

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