Top 12 Fictional Resources for Surviving Apocalypse

Mad Max 2 WezWhere does one go to educate themselves on the bare knuckle elements of survival the inevitable apocalypse will require? Why the public library of course. (Which by the way, is one of the strongholds I believe will survive in many communities as legions of well-armed nerdling warriors barricade the doors and hunker down with their favorite graphic novels.)

But when you visit your local library pre-end times, what resources do you turn to for all your apocalyptic preparatory needs? That is what this post will endeavor to layout. Of course, if I miss any of the essentials, please leave a comment to add them to the list. Here is my apocalypse survival list including both novels and movies.

12.) 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later: These are great fodder for studying how to avoid blood-born contagions and surviving urban zones during such an apocalypse. The series (with a promised 28 Months Later) also provide great follow up.

11.) I am Legend (novel) & Omega Man (for my favorite film adaptation): Great stuff for laying out the basic rules for keeping the homes fires burning (or not burning, as the case may be).

10.) World War Z: The ultimate for zombie apocalypse survival. Catch the fever.

9.) Logan’s Run (film version): It was filmed in DFW, what else can I say. It’s technically more of a dystopian tale, but if the apocalypse happens in a 1970’s sort of kitsch way, then this is a must for survival.

8.) The Stand (novel): if reading this book doesn’t kill you, it will make you un-apocalypsable for sure. I’m not sure if this book will ultimately be responsible for the end or if it is merely prophecy of it. If all else fails you can club people with it, so make sure to get the hardback.

7.) Planet of the Apes: just incase you are in space when everything goes down, get versed up on what to expect when you get back. And if all surviving females are close facsimiles to Linda Harrison then humankind will survive after all.

6.) On the Beach (novel and film): A classic for nuclear holocaust survival. Maybe not the best for your next beach read, but save it for a snowy day.

5.) A Canticle for Leibowitz: If smart people get blamed for all the dumb people’s actions that bring about the end (which seems most likely), here is a good primer on what not to do in tomorrow’s dark ages.

4.) The Matrix Trilogy: Seriously, if A.I. takes over, popping the red pill will be our only hope. Being versed in the ins and outs of the Matrix and keeping a map to Zion (not SLC) on hand will be crucial. But if you want to remain blissfully ignorant just keep telling yourself Keanu Reeves is a multi-faceted actor.

3.) 12 Monkeys: I’m pretty sure I’ve run into people sent back from the future already. If it hadn’t of been for this movie, I would have been caught completely off guard. Instead, I’ve been leaving cleverly buried clues in my blog posts. (It’s just you and me, Bruce!)

2.) The Road (novel): Don’t trust anyone, stay off the main roads and don’t leave tracks. And old farm houses always have creepy hidden basements containing stuff you don’t want to know about. Read it, memorize it.

1.) Road Warrior (Mad Max 2): for the western half of the U.S. this should be considered the apocalyptic survival bible. Whatever causes the end, this is what it will look like–right down to the mohawks. Start building your solar-powered vehicle now because you don’t want to run out of petrol in a world like this.[divider]

Remember people, support your public library. Without it, all these instructional manuals won’t be available when the end comes (no internet, Amazon or Netflix).

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