Unearthing the Hemp Textile Underground

circle creationsThe quest continues.  Yes, I am wearing my hemp pants as I type, but my hunger for answers has not been satisfied.  Why are nice, hemp pants (other than meditation pants for the mamby-pamby metro-sexual type) so hard to find?  Is it possible that they don’t exist, or exist only like world peace and low fat cream?

Well, I have unearthed a hidden realm where hemp clothing abounds.  Well, it is more of an unincorporated settlement than a realm, and by “abounds” I mean exists.  But that is good news!

Tiny cottage clothiers and textile businesses sprinkling North America are creating quality hemp clothing.  Some of these small businesses and basement operations even make men’s pants.  Canada and the Northwestern US contain the majority of these small companies, but others are scattered from California to New York and even in the South. (I know.)

The down side is that it looks like many of these small start-ups have recently become shut-downs probably due to the recent lack of desire and ability for many consumers to fork out $100-$200 for pants.  I bet even the pocket fox aphrodisiac industry is suffering (reference Mr. Burns from the Simpsons).  But at least one of the companies seems to being fine.

Circle Creations, based out of Eugene, OR, has not only one pair of men’s hemp pants for sale, but two!  The Evergreen Drawstring Pant cost $80, and is certainly a step up from the typical cross-legged, breezy yoga pant.

But even more interesting is the Cedar Pant hand-crafted by Circle Creations.  This pair of pants is the closest to twitterpation I have come so far.  You have to take a look at them.  I mean, now we are talking.  Loralee, designer and seamstress for Circle Creations, says she has gotten report of her patrons wearing these pants for 4-plus years.

Maybe the world isn’t so far gone.  Maybe there is hope after all.  As the American public continues to sort through the carnage of Reefer Mania and stops making knee-jerk jokes about smoking my pants, perhaps clothing will become sustainable, and hemp will become king.

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