Working in Pajamas on Promissory Commission

I’ve been promised big money when my book deal goes through.  From a reliable source – myself.  And my slice of the pie keeps getting bigger.  Today I worked hard to earn my 2% as head internet marketing specialist and another 2% as publicist.  I’ve also been working for flat fee (on futures of course) as social media consultant and graphic designer.  I’ve promised myself over $3000 in editing fees.  I even gave myself a friendly little sum for fashion consulting (my hair was getting a bit too long for writing speculative fiction, after all).  I have a friend who offers protection and enforcement services for free, so that’s a pretty good deal (writers don’t tend to be the toughest people, but we do piss others off a lot).  I was paying my wife for life coaching, but I had to fire her and take on the job myself after it got in the way of her bread-winning.

So, as you can see, I have a tidy sum of money coming my way.  All I have to do is finish writing my book, keep my blogs churning up anticipation for it, maintain a lively presence on multiple social media fronts, finish my extensive marking plan, line edit the text thoroughly, proof-text, launch an on-line book tour making guest blog appearances, execute an Amazon release blitz, stick to my ultimate frisbee exercise regime (now with a pulled hamstring) and in my free time keep shaking the bushes for potential agents or book deals that might fall into my lap so that I can pay them for all the work I’ve done up to this point.

If after all that I can sell some books and make some money, then I can pay myself enough so that hopefully someday I can make a living as a writer.  But hey, working in pajamas ain’t bad.

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